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Gluten Free


Prep Time

10 min

If you’re a fan of orange creamsicles, you’ll love our Kookies take on one! It’s frighteningly delicious.


Mary’s Gone Kookies (Honey and Chocolate flavors)
1 can orange soda (we used Olipop Orange Squeeze)
1 cup marshmallow fluff
2 scoops vanilla ice cream (Try NadaMoo! for a great vegan option)
Halloween sprinkles
Optional: 2 large marshmallows, black food dye, a toothpick and a cocktail skewer


Add ¼ cup of marshmallow fluff to a bowl big enough to dip the rim of a large drinking glass into it. Microwave for 10 seconds to soften. Dip the top of a large drinking glass in the softened marshmallow to coat the rim. Then dip the glass rim in the Halloween sprinkles. Add half of the remaining marshmallow fluff to the glass. Layer in both flavors of Mary’s Gone Kookies. Top with two scoops of ice cream with additional Kookies layered in for extra crunch. Slowly pour in the orange soda. If you like, top it all off with the remaining marshmallow fluff and some extra sprinkles. Optional: Using a toothpick and black food dye, draw a circle in the center of each of the two large marshmallows to look like the pupil of an eye. Slide the two “eyeball” marshmallows side by side onto a cocktail skewer and place on the rim of the glass as a spooky garnish.

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Kookies au miel

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Mary's Gone Crackers (Adapted from The Farmgirl Gabs)

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