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Careers Banner - Do Something Delicious

Spend your time doing something delicious!

Mary’s Gone Crackers was founded on the simple idea that people are at their best when they keep close to what is naturally good for them. This core principle is good for our products and for the people who work here.

At Mary’s, we want to bring out your best. So we keep close to what is naturally good for you: to be treated with respect; be a valued part of our team; to feel free to express your opinions and innate creativity; to be fully engaged in our mission to help people rediscover their true, vital selves by enjoying delicious whole food.

This is a great time to join us! The organic and natural foods sector is growing. We are growing even faster, opening our new headquarters and dedicated organic and gluten-free bakery in the mountain air of Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World.

Build a career. Make a difference in people’s lives. Play with food. Life is a cracker – put something good for you on top. What better place to do that than here?

Peace, Love, & Crunch
Everyone at Mary’s


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