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Gluten Free Mary's Gone Crackers Basil & Garlic Super Seed Crackers
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Food you can feel good about.

Good food feeds more than our bodies. It connects us to the earth and our truest selves. It’s pure and joyful. It’s delicious! At Mary’s Gone Crackers, we’re dedicated to helping everyone discover how good food can be!

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Mary’s recipe
for happiness...

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Nutritious and delicious, they will delight you, inspire you, energize you. One look and you’ll know they’re different. One taste and you’ll want to try them all! Many flavors to explore…

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Reno Bakery

Reno, Nevada is home to our new bakery. It’s dedicated organic and gluten free, using the latest technology to ensure the taste and purity that is Mary’s Gone Crackers’ true trademark.

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At Mary’s, we welcome any excuse to gather and enjoy good food and each other. Join us! Share what’s good and delicious with like-minded munchers at Mary’s Gone Crackers.

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Our crackers are already nutritionally balanced and hearty. So what to stack on top? Be brave. Be flavorful. Above all, be respectful of gravity.

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cracker topping avocado
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A Story of Passion...

Mary Waldner
in her own words Mary's Story
Mary Waldner

Founder and “The Mary”
at Mary’s Gone Crackers®

Mary Waldner

Featured Product
Super Seed New Flavors

You love it, you crunch it, you already know it as “the Super Seed cracker.” Now it’s the Classic, the one that started it all. Always good to have on hand as it does wonders for dips, spreads, veggies – and is wonderful on its own!

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