Mary's Super Seed Crackers
Mary's Minis
Mary's Minis

We know what it means to "go big or go home." It's what we did when we started Mary's Gone Crackers®. But this time we headed into the kitchen to create something small — our mighty little morsels packed with flavor, Mary's Gone Crackers® MiNiS!

Conscious Eating

Mary's Gone Crackers® products are inspired by a conscious approach to eating. This means being aware of how food impacts our minds, bodies and the planet. That's why we use organic, gluten free and non-GMO whole food ingredients.

Whole Food

Mary's Gone Crackers, Inc. uses whole foods. Whole foods—foods that are minimally refined or processed—are an important part of how Mother Nature gives us healthful vitamins, minerals and fiber.


Organic Farming is Conscious Farming. Mary’s Gone Crackers® products support Conscious Farming. All Organic. All the time.

Gluten Free

For some, Conscious Eating means Gluten Free Eating. Mary’s Gone Crackers® products give those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance a healthful, delicious alternative to wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Ancient Grains

Mary’s Gone Crackers® products are baked with the special nourishing powers of quinoa, amaranth and millet, as well as chia, flax and sesame seeds used by early civilizations thousands of years ago.

Exciting flavors to our popular Super Seed recipe. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Super Seed Crackers

Mightly little bites for the whole family!

Vanilla Minis

Imagine cookies that taste great AND make you feel good!

How can rice and seeds taste so good?