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Ricelands provide more than 300,000 acres of equivalent wetland.

Mary’s Gone Quackers for Polit Farms, California Rice & the Pacific Flyway

California Rice is The Environmental Crop You don’t have to be a duck to appreciate California ricelands, or even a waterfowl. You could just be a fan of the locally sourced 100% organic rice that Mary’s uses to bake crackers. Our partnership with Polit Farms is another example of how the benefits of sustainable agriculture radiate outwards.

Polit Farms is a family-run organic rice farm in California’s Central Valley that works with nature to produce premium organic rice made without pesticides and milled to order for maximum freshness. Their rice fields are located along a primary waterfowl migration route called the Pacific Flyway.

California rice fields provide the equivalent of more than 300,000 acres of wetlands habitat and nourishment for approximately seven million ducks and geese migrating along this route each year. They provide open space for 230 species of wildlife, many of which are threatened or endangered. So maintaining this habitat is crucial. At Mary’s, we intend to do our part by supporting conscientious, quality-minded suppliers like Polit Farms.

What’s good for the cracker is good for the quacker, which is good for everyone who values delicious organic food and sustainable life on our planet.
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Polit Farms in California