You’ll see the word “organic” on a lot of packaging these days. Ours is no exception. But you should know what “organic” stands for when used by Mary’s Gone Crackers. First of all, it means no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, no GMOs. (Organic is always non-GMO, but non-GMO doesn’t have to be organic.)

Secondly, if you see anything in our ingredients list that isn’t organic, it simply means it’s not commercially available as organic, such as water, salt, and the leavening agents we use such as baking soda. That said, if any of our ingredients exists organically, we source it.

The way we see it, Mary’s Gone Crackers isn’t just “made with organic.” We ARE organic. It’s part of our identity, from our ingredients to our certified USDA organic baking facility. We believe choosing organic food is vital to preserving and supporting our natural ecosystem. We call it Conscious Eating®. If that choice happens to be downright delicious, well, so much the better!