A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant or animal or other organism that has been genetically manipulated through recombinant DNA methods, creating an organism that doesn’t occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding.

Frankly, what another Mary wrote about in “Frankenstein” was tame to the effects that industrial agriculture is having on our food supply.

Altering the genetic structure of our crops degrades the diversity and safety of our food supply. It is made inviting with greater yields and short-sighted monetary gain. The farmers we support do not use GMOs. Note that most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. What we don’t know about their lasting effects should be enough to stick with non-GMO products. And once these “novel” organisms are in nature, they cannot be recalled.

Nature provides us with all the unique, hearty and nutritious ingredients we need to create delicious food. Combine this rich heritage with our fresh, open-minded approach to new tastes and textures and there’s really no end to our discovery of healthful delights. Please consider every Mary’s product you enjoy a testament to the goodness and sustainability of a non-GMO future!