Healthy Choices

They begin with knowledge. We can’t choose everything in life. But we can choose food that makes life better! Enjoying whole foods, minimally processed and imaginatively made, is good for your health, the eco-minded farmers we source from, and our planet. Here’s what to look for…


You’ll see the word “organic” on a lot of packaging these days. Ours is no exception. But you should know what “organic” stands for when used by Mary’s Gone Crackers. First of all, it means no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, no GMOs. (Organic is always non-GMO, but non-GMO doesn’t have to be organic.)

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Secondly, if you see anything in our ingredients list that isn’t organic, it simply means it’s not commercially available as organic, such as water, salt, xantham gum and the leavening agents we use like baking soda and baking powder. That said, if any of our ingredients exists organically, we source it.

The way we see it, Mary’s Gone Crackers isn’t just “made with organic.” We ARE organic. It’s part of our identity, from our ingredients to our certified USDA organic baking facility. We believe choosing organic food is vital to preserving and supporting our natural ecosystem. We call it Conscious Eating®. If that choice happens to be downright delicious, well, so much the better!


Gluten is a protein found in wheat (and its cousins spelt and kamut), barley, rye, and most oats. Processed grains containing gluten have become a major part of the American diet and, for many people, a major health issue.

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For people with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, ingesting gluten invites debilitating illnesses that significantly degrade the quality of life. Other people are gluten intolerant, often misdiagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). In both cases, gluten inhibits the body’s ability to process vitamins and minerals, which can cause serious health problems if not addressed.

Mary Waldner, our founder, has celiac disease. Mary’s Gone Crackers knows how important it is to provide delicious food that reduces stress on the body and revitalizes the spirit. Why gluten free? Because everyone deserves to live a full life.

Part of our DNA at Mary’s is not messing with nature’s.

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant or animal or other organism that has been genetically manipulated through recombinant DNA methods, creating an organism that doesn’t occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding.

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Frankly, what another Mary wrote about in “Frankenstein” was tame to the effects that industrial agriculture is having on our food supply.

Altering the genetic structure of our crops degrades the diversity and safety of our food supply. It is made inviting with greater yields and short-sighted monetary gain. The farmers we support do not use GMOs. Note that most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. What we don’t know about their lasting effects should be enough to stick with non-GMO products. And once these “novel” organisms are in nature, they cannot be recalled.

Nature provides us with all the unique, hearty and nutritious ingredients we need to create delicious food. Combine this rich heritage with our fresh, open-minded approach to new tastes and textures and there’s really no end to our discovery of healthful delights. Please consider every Mary’s product you enjoy a testament to the goodness and sustainability of a non-GMO future!


At Mary’s, we intend to feed the whole person: body, mind and spirit. The only possible way to do that is by using whole foods for our ingredients. A whole food is one that is minimally refined or processed. They are of the earth, naturally flavorful and complex, and an important source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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Yet they are becoming an exception to the rule, as the food industry turns to super refined ingredients, unrecognizable from how they grew in the ground. Then they “enrich” or “fortify” what was degraded through processing by adding back vitamins and minerals in the form of extracts. This is not whole food. This is not what feeds the whole person.

We work with nature to present what’s already there. Whole foods are perfectly balanced to begin with, and best for us. Knowing this about our foods and ourselves is what we call Conscious Eating. Let’s enjoy food that connects us to the earth and our most vital selves!


At Mary’s, our worldview is plant-based, just like our food. And we’re pleased that our products align with a dietary view that embraces the welfare of all living things.

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We care about the welfare of animals. We always found a way to make equally delicious snacks without using eggs and butter. (We think the chickens and cows are OK with this.) Some of our customers are allergic to dairy and eggs. Our products are made to inspire reactions like pleasure and vitality, not allergic ones.A plant-based diet requires only one-third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet. With rising global food and water insecurity, a more sustainable approach to feeding the world is a good and timely thing.

Complete proteins are another reason to get seedy with Mary’s! For example, quinoa, on its own, is a complete protein. Our ingredients are balanced to provide the protein, fat and fiber that complement a vegan diet. At the end of the day, being true to yourself is the most valuable thing you can do, vegan or not. If we can help you feel more alive and more “you,” we’ve realized our highest goal.