Your Facebook Questions Answered (Part III)


We have such great fans! They reach out to us all the time through email and share their love for Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten free foods on our Facebook Page and Twitter account, and we do our best to answer every single question! Here are three questions from Facebook I took the lead on responding to:


FB Questions Jennifer
Hi Jennifer – Being healthy definitely does not have to mean being hungry. A healthy diet and lifestyle will make you feel energized and satisfied. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber, which will help you feel full longer and more satisfied. Quick ways to eat more fiber is to consume more whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. Choose a diet with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which can add plenty of variety to your new healthy lifestyle. As a simple start, try making our gluten free Black Bean Hummus which has loads of fiber and is a fun snack to make and have on hand when you’re feeling hungry and want to snack healthy!


FB Question Brenna
Hi Brenna – Thank you for your question. It’s so great to hear how much you enjoy our products. Mary’s Gone Crackers uses whole-grain brown rice over brown rice flour for many reasons. Brown rice in its whole form has more fiber and nutrients than brown rice flour. Whole-grain brown rice also adds great texture to our crackers and pretzels. Manganese, selenium and magnesium are plentiful in brown rice. These minerals are not as powerful in brown rice flour.


FB Q_Stephanie Schmidt
Hi Stefanie – That’s a great question! I find it easiest to snack healthy by choosing whole food snack. Some great snack options include: fresh fruits & vegetables (these can be sliced and bagged ahead of time in snack-sized proportions), natural nut butters, hummus, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Remember to keep your portions small. A snack is just enough to satisfy you until your next meal. Healthy snacking will come naturally in no time at all.


Keep your questions coming! If you want to send me nutrition, food or healthy snacking questions, post your question on our Facebook Page, send us a tweet at @GoneCrackers or email me directly at:


In good health,

Valerie Douglass, DTR, Mary’s Gone Crackers


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