Top Tips for Organic Gardening

Valerie's Garden

It’s nearly summer here in Northern California, which means summer gardening season! This month I would like to share with you some of my tips for a summer plentiful with fresh fruits and vegetables.

1. Start with rich, organic soil. Providing your roots with good nutrition makes all the difference. Good soil will help you maintain a balance of water absorption and airflow.

2. Track the sun. Determine which areas of your garden get the most direct sun and which areas are more shaded. Plants like tomatoes and corn prefer direct sun and other plants like lettuce and other leafy vegetables prefer more shaded areas.

3. Use a seed chart to track your progress. This seed chart is a great way to remember when it’s time to start indoors, plant into the ground and when to expect mature plants. For short crops, have a plan for what to plant next. I have a section of my garden for quick vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cilantro and beets.

4. Grow plants that compliment each other. Plant marigolds near your tomatoes. Marigolds are a natural tomato worm repellent. They also protect your garden from white flies and squash bugs. Click on the image below for more garden ecosystem tips.
Garden Ecosystem Tips

5. Stay eco-friendly by recycling and reusing your containers from year to year.

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