A Healthier School Year

This school year, Mary’s Gone Crackers is challenging you to keep your kids (and your whole family!) healthy, and help fight America’s obesity and diabetes epidemics. Did you know that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years? Providing your kids with a balanced daily diet at an early age teaches them healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime! Here are some tips to help keep your kids in optimal health this school year:

1. Weekly Shopping: Making one shopping trip for the entire week is a simple way to ensure your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with healthy foods, plus it saves you time and energy from making multiple trips to the store! Try to shop primarily the perimeter of the grocery store rather than the inner aisles, as this is where the healthiest foods, including fresh produce, meat and dairy, are generally located.

2. Kick Start the Day: It is essential to start the day off right with a balanced breakfast. An ideal “for kids” breakfast has an assortment of protein, carbs and fiber for sustained energy and focus in the classroom.

3. Hot & Cold Lunches: Always keep food safety in mind. Store hot foods hot and cold foods cold by packing the day’s meals in a suitable lunchbox.

4. Can the Soda: If your kids drink soda, find a tasty healthier alternative they will enjoy that isn’t packed with sugar. There are many other great-tasting beverages for kids besides soda! A reusable water bottle is a great way to keep them hydrated without loading them with sugar, and if water is too boring, you can try adding fresh mint or lemon. Remember, diet soda is NOT a suitable alternative to regular soda.

5. Fruits & Veggies: Opt for fresh fruits and crisp vegetables as delicious snacks. A small bag of carrots or an apple is an easy grab-and-go portable snack.

6. Sweet Tooth: Do your kids crave sugar? Provide them with the right sugar. Let them get their sweet tooth fix by packing delicious fresh fruit or a 100% fruit juice box.

Looking for more food tips to survive the school year? Please feel free to reach out with more questions toValerie@marysgonecrackers.com.

In Good Health,
Valerie Douglass, DTR
Mary’s Gone Crackers

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