Mashed Cauliflower

2 cups fresh cauliflower florets*
4-6 oz cream cheese (or silken tofu)
3 Tbsp. whole milk, half and half, almond milk or whole soy milk
2 Tbsp. butter or olive oil
to taste salt, pepper, garlic salt, ranch dressing powder or Parmesan cheese
1 bag Mary’s Gone Crackers Curry or Sea Salt Sticks & Twigs


1. Steam the cauliflower until very well done or soft. Drain.

2. Place cauliflower in a food processor on high until very smooth. Add all cream cheese and butter, and only 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix until creamy and smooth.

3. Check consistency. If it is too thick, add a tiny bit of milk, mix, and check again.

4. Serve hot with Mary’s Gone Crackers Curry or Sea Salt Sticks & Twigs.

*For a colorful dish try adding a small amount of carrots or broccoli with the cauliflower.

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