I'm allergic to soy. Can I eat your products?

Our crackers and our Sea Salt Pretzel Sticks use soy in the form of fermented organic gluten free tamari.

Our Chipotle Tomato and Curry Pretzel Sticks do not have added soy, but they are made in our facility, which uses soy.

People who have soy allergies or intolerances (including our founder Mary Waldner) are generally allergic to the protein in soy. When fermentation takes place, the structure of the soy protein is altered, making it safe for 99% of people with soy allergies to eat.

The fermentation process adds other properties that make the soy more beneficial as well.

In many traditional cultures in Asia, people have been eating soy products for a long time, and have generally taken the time to ferment the soy before eating it. Only recently have people, generally in the West, begun to eat whole unadulterated soy, in the form of soy flour, soy milk, soy beans etc. The chocolate chips that we use in our cookies contain soy lecithin. Most people will not have an allergic reaction to this ingredient because soy lecithin is an extract from soy oil and does not contain any soy protein.

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