Why We Love Being Vegan

The topic of veganism has gained popularity and even celebrity status in recent years, but what does it really mean? To some people it’s a more healthy way to eat, while for others it can be a political statement. To our team, creating delicious vegan foods is something we’ve always been committed to for a variety of compelling reasons. My main concerns when creating love Cookies was that free-range, organic chicken eggs and butter from well-cared-for, grass-fed cows are both expensive and hard to source. The certified organic eggs and butter that are available rarely meet the quality standards I would choose to eat for myself and my family, so I wouldn’t dream of putting them into Mary’s Gone Crackers products. It made better sense to me to find other ingredients to use that are healthy, nourishing and delicious. Eliminating eggs and butter from our cookie formulas (our crackers and pretzels are already vegan by design) also makes them accessible for a wider range of people to enjoy.

While I personally am not a vegan, I feel there is much to be learned from the vegan diet that can be happily incorporated into a healthier way of eating. There are a plethora of studies that show the benefits of a plant based diet—antioxidants, fiber, minerals and other phytonutrients are all abundant and essential to health and longevity. The more we can incorporate organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds into our daily fare, the easier it is to let go of, or at least eat less of, the foods that are less healthful for us. I once heard a teacher tell me, “It doesn’t work to go into a dark room and try to get rid of the darkness; you must bring in the light!” So too, it doesn’t work just to deprive yourself of certain foods—first try bringing in more of the better-for-you foods and watch what happens!

Thank you for reading!

Founder, Mary’s Gone Crackers

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought a bag of your pretzels in Houston, Texas as a snack to eat of the plane home to Germantown, MD. I loved them. They are delicious and very different.

    I want to purchase some but do not have a telephone number to call you. Do you take orders by phone? If so, please give me your phone number.

    Please use my email address of Jmiller@JSSA.org.

    I hope to hear from you real soon. Judy Miller

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