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Mary's Gone Crackers at Berkeley Bowl

I’ve started to see our new packaging on store shelves and it’s very exciting. I’m especially enjoying seeing a blend of the older style design with the new. I love the artwork from our original packaging but I also knew it was time for a change. So much has changed in the food landscape since we started our company 10 years ago. Actually, what I should say is that so much has changed in the consciousness of the consumer in the past 10 years. People everywhere know about gluten (although few seem to know what gluten actually is, looking at Jimmy Kimmel’s research!) and are caring more and more about truly healthful ingredients. We seem to be at a tipping point around GMO ingredients as well and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country goes in the direction of Vermont in demanding that GMO ingredients be identified as such.

What I have lamented for a long time is that the consciousness of the gluten free consumer, and the gluten free providers has not seemed to be making as much progress. The need to get a gluten free oreo, pizza, or donut has overridden any desire for real nutrition. Feeling “normal” and getting a big dose of American junk food has been a priority. Of course my premise has always been that there is no need to compromise—great taste and great nutrition are possible.

So I was heartened to read the article below, especially the following section that quotes a top pasta chef in New York:

Mr. Ladner did not set out to become a champion of haute gluten-free cooking. “Over the last maybe three or four years, most of my creative energy has been going to mitigating dietary restrictions,” he said. “We just decided to embrace it. It was a philosophical change that really, really changed our world in a wonderful way.”

He says the diet is prompting many of his fellow chefs to explore new grains and cooking techniques . . . .

The attention to grain and gluten at the highest levels of gastronomy shows a merging of two main thrusts of American eating: one based on health and the environment and another that celebrates pleasure and deliciousness, Mr. Ladner and others say. (Highlights added.)

Read the NY Times article:

Yea!! Not only can we count on the gluten free options to expand, we can also look forward to more variety of grains, something Mary’s Gone Crackers has advocated since our beginning.

One of the reasons it was time to change and update our logo and packaging is that I felt it was time to celebrate, play and be more joyous. Our company has survived and thrived, our food and our mission are loved everywhere we go, and our message of Conscious Eating is spreading! So when you see our new packaging on the shelves in your local stores, give us a little cheer and taste the party inside our box!


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3 Responses to Time to Celebrate

  1. Sommer C says:

    Hi Mary,
    Great to hear that more major companies are embracing new alternatives. I am a recent Stanford grad (and huge fan of the MGC brand) embarking on a new culinary project that is seeking to do just that and would love the chance to ask for your advice on balancing very strict nutrition decisions with larger-scale production needs. I’d love to know how to best contact you in hopes of starting a longer dialogue and absorbing some of your wisdom from the MGC journey!

  2. Chuck Guest says:

    I really like the copy on the back of the new packaging. ;)

    Wishing you success in bringing your healthful, tasty creations to the people and letting them know that life IS delicious.

  3. John says:

    Picked up a box of crackers, mainly for the organic labeling. The were Amazingly Tasty. Went back for more, and some cookies. Then visited your site, only to find that your spirituality and politics are as tasty as your food.

    Will order a case of Jalapeno for my first online order. Glad you’re in the world.

    10/10 would crunch again.

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