Rocking the Boat


I was in the bank severalweeks ago opening a new account, and got to talking with the woman helping me. She had watched her mother “become a new person…have all kinds of energy” after removing gluten from her diet. She knew it was an issue for her but she was terrified of changing her diet. Why? The process of making something fully conscious − we talk about “Conscious Eating®” − can be challenging. Something can float around in our awareness for a long time; we know it’s there, but don’t fully acknowledge it or admit it to ourselves. We’re rocking the boat, and who knows where that will take us?

This 37-year-old woman I was speaking to was about to have a biopsy done because she’d been so sick. In fact, she had debated even coming to work at the bank that morning because she felt so terrible. She was experiencing brain fog, exhaustion, digestive pain, bloating, flu-like body aches — the list went on. Nevertheless, she was hesitant to change her eating habits. “Just the idea of change… having to give up the food I like…” she said.

It was a feeble explanation however, because in the next breath she commented on how many gluten-free food options there are, on her mother’s delicious homemade gluten-free meals, and eventually admitted that she knew there wouldn’t be much she would have to do without. Yet her anxiety was real.

Some action – a change in behavior – is required though if we are to face the thought of Conscious Eating® fully. Maybe we project onto our loved ones that they won’t accept us if we change. We try to talk ourselves out of paying attention or being fully present with who we are, our truth. The mind wants safety, stability, familiarity — even if we are in pain, are ill and KNOW in every fiber of our being that we need to change.

There’s still hope though; that hint of desire to push through the fear and to overcome, or a willingness to step into the unknown. (Isn’t life fun?) All we have to do is listen to our inner truth and trust and change can be good!

The woman from the bank called me a few days ago. She had a long talk with her husband and they decided to go gluten free as a family. She has already lost 10 pounds in three weeks and she feels great – can’t believe how great! She wanted me to know that her four-year-old daughter isn’t begging just for cookies all day anymore. Instead she asks for our crackers, pretzels and love Cookies®!

This woman pushed through her fear, got support from the people who love her, and in return she grew personally. She chose life, forward movement, increased awareness – she chose Conscious Eating®! It’s a process, an evolution.

As I write this, today is my 62nd birthday. I never envisioned my life as I am today, but here I am! I’m still growing, paying attention, and choosing to learn what choices I have yet to make still. It’s easier to trust myself and it’s easier to listen, but the evolution is ongoing.

Where is your challenge, your cutting edge, your truth? Sit with yourself for five minutes today and see where you’d take yourself! And share your journey — I’d love to hear from you.



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