Choosing to Support Local, American Family Farms


I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks and the final leg of my journey home includes a small propeller plane ride from San Francisco airport to the little Chico airport. Flying at only 19,000 feet, we get a great view of Northern California—from the Pacific Ocean east to the agricultural splendor of what the locals call the North Valley—the large swath of checkerboard fields fed by the Sacramento River. From the plane it’s easy to distinguish the bright green rice fields from the darker, more textured almond and walnut orchards. California grows more than 70% of the world’s almonds and is the second largest rice growing state in the US. Rice is the largest crop here in the Sacramento Valley and Mary’s Gone Crackers buys all of our organic brown rice (over 3 million pounds!) from a family farm less than 50 miles from our own dedicated gluten-free manufacturing facility.

Another of our unique and super-local ingredients is the prune extract that we use in our love Cookies.  A neighboring organic prune plum farmer makes this syrup and introduced me to it several years ago.  It adds the perfect moisture and flavor to our yummy vegan cookies.

I personally love knowing the people who grow our ingredients and I am especially pleased that many of our ingredients are grown here in the US.  All of our products are manufactured in California and we employ over 200 people now in our very busy production facility.  “From the redwood forests, to the gulf stream waters…” or in this case, to the rice fields of northern California…what a rich, abundant country we live in!

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