Our Right to Know

I met Jeffrey Smith several years ago after I heard him speak about GMO food (genetically modified organisms, also referred to as Genetically Engineered.) He wrote Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette all about the horrors of the genetic engineering that is going on, using the US population as guinea pigs.

I recently attended the American Dietetic Association’s annual conference, as an exhibitor and was shocked to see a booth there by Monsanto. (They were handing out soy lip balm—of course the soy used in the manufacturing of that lip balm was genetically engineered by them!) Two of the ADA board members came by our booth to ask if there was any feedback we wanted to give the association and both times I said that I was stunned to see Monsanto at a conference for Registered Dieticians, and that I thought it was extremely inappropriate. Never mind that Coca Cola, Nestle, Hershey and other huge corporations also had booths there and are hardly bastions of nutritional health. But Monsanto crossed a line for me. The first woman smiled and said she would pass that along to the board. The second woman asked why I thought it was inappropriate for Monsanto to be there. For a second, I thought she was kidding, but when I looked at her face I realized she really didn’t understand the problems with GMO food. I explained that I thought genetically altered “food” had no place in anyone’s diet and an organization such as the ADA, who is promoting health through good nutrition (www.eatright.org) should certainly be promoting what’s best for our environment and our bodies—organically grown crops.

Later I had a chance to discuss these encounters with an activist RD who explained that traditional nutritional education teaches that a calorie is a calorie and they really don’t understand the difference, or even see that there is any difference, between organic, GMO, industrial farming, etc. Of course, it doesn’t help that all these big companies spend huge dollars supporting the ADA, which makes it even harder for them to learn the truth. How disturbing and sad. All these thousands of people (mostly women) who are on the front lines of educating people how to eat and they aren’t warning people of the dangers of the food that has contaminated our planet and that is going UNLABELED in our food supply.

This month is non-GMO month and there is a groundswell going on that is very exciting. Check out Jeffrey’s organization, the Institute for Responsible Technology www.responsibletechnology.org and www.right2knowmarch.com. Watch the powerful and disturbing video with Robyn O’Brien who started an organization called Mom’s for Safe Food http://momsforsafefood.net. Stay away from soy, corn and canola oil grown in the US as they are genetically engineered (unless certified organic.) Educate yourselves and demand that we get the GMO ingredients labeled on our food, so we at least have a choice about what we put in our bodies. Most European countries don’t allow GMO crops grown there. Our FDA has decided that there is no difference and has allowed Monsanto free reign in our fields. Lots of people are fighting this and are winning (see www.centerforfoodsafety.org.)

This is what CONSCIOUS EATING is all about!

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