Our Cookies are free of Sesame!

On Halloween I was at the new Wegmans store in Northborough, MA near Boston, giving away samples of all of the Mary’s Gone Crackers products that they carry. Luckily, the power was back on in the store after relying on back up generators for a few days after the huge dumping of snow in the area. There were lots of people hanging out in the store because many schools and offices were closed. It was a lot of fun and a huge and beautiful store!

As we were getting ready to go, I walked through their amazing gluten free section one last time and saw a mom holding her young toddler, reading a label on a gluten free item. I asked her if she knew about our products and she said yes, but their family was allergic to sesame as well as gluten and dairy. She assumed that because our crackers and Sticks & Twigs had sesame, that our cookies would be contaminated with sesame as well. What an awakening! OUR COOKIES ARE MADE ON THEIR OWN TRAYS AND PACKAGED ON A SEPARATE CONVEYOR BELT, SO THERE IS NO SESAME OR SOY (TAMARI) CONTAMINATION BETWEEN THE CATEGORIES OF FOOD THAT WE MAKE. We produce them that way because of the tamari in the crackers and Sticks and didn’t want to have to put soy on all the cookie boxes as well. But somehow it hadn’t occurred to me that we should be letting people know about the lack of sesame contamination in our cookies! Thank you to the harried mom in Wegmans who woke me up!

To repeat: There is no cross-contamination between our crackers/pretzels and our cookies!!! So anyone worried about ingredients in our crackers and Sticks that may be an issue, you may eat our cookies with no fear! What is listed on our cookie ingredients is what you get–no surprises!

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