I love this article about happiness.
10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

All the things we hear repeatedly about how to keep ourselves, or get ourselves, healthy turn out make us happy too!  Exercise, sleep, being in nature, meditation, smiling, gratitude (and a few surprises), all add up to a happier person.  Of course after reading this I want to go deeper—what does it actually mean to be “happy?”  Is it feeling balanced?  Joyful?  Calm?  Hopeful?  I wonder how we all define happiness.  I suspect that being healthy—having no “dis-ease”—and being “happy” can actually describe similar states of being.  We all have good days and bad days—days when we are upset, scared, or sad; times when we would hardly describe ourselves as happy.  I think of health and happiness as being our true nature and that, like bad weather, negative emotions or illness block out the clear sky like clouds or a rainstorm.  Behind the “bad weather” the sun and the moon and stars are still shining, but we can’t always see them.  How quickly those storms leave, or how able we are to remember that the sun and the moon are still there even when we can’t see them, I believe is an indicator of how “happy” we are.

And I know that when the body is out of balance and the brain is fogged up by too much junk—sugar, alcohol, refined foods, excess computer time, excess work time, etc.—we are not able to feel really good and really happy.

As a healer and now a food manufacturer, I have been on a quest for much of my life to understand and learn about what health and happiness truly are.  I am VERY grateful to all the teachers I have had along the way:  people who have helped me to understand my body and my psyche and get clarity on what works best for me.  Lately, I am most grateful to my yoga teachers and to myself for getting myself to yoga class.  I am always full of gratitude at some point during class when I start to feel SO good, and am so happy that I have taken the time to give myself that gift.

And I am also very grateful to all the fans of Mary’s Gone Crackers—what a gift we all get every day from all of you.  I hope you find lots to be grateful for this holiday season.  As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

In good health,



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  1. Iris Kraft says:

    Happiness this Holiday was cooking up a storm and sharing meals with my daughter, husband and the grandchildren. Everyone pitched in and made the meal even more special. We did activities outside that were challenging and fun, took pictures and were thrilled the weather was so agreeable. Got to spend one on one time with the grandkids. Teaching my 9 yr old grand-daughter to sew doll clothes on a sewing machine and actually turning out outfits that fit her American Doll was thrilling. She was so focused and smiling and excited to see what she could actually accomplish. Listening to the twins read to me and tell me all about the Eygyptian Kings and Pyramids and another book about the Presidents of the U.S. was amazing. We crammed in swimming and bike riding and walks and talks in the few days they were here and it was such a good visit.
    The day after they left, I had my surgery, which worked out well. All the wonderful memories of the past days helped me in the healing process. My son and hubby have pitched in with the household chores, the kitchen is not exactly perfect and the floor needs mopping but I feel blessed and happy and appreciate all I do have.

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