Finding My Fountain of Youth: My Take on “Going Gluten Free”


Image Credit: © 2013 – Gluten Goodbye: One-Third of Americans Say They’re Trying to Shun It

I’ve been eating gluten free for 19 years now and as I like to say, I’m a different person than I was before. I had been struggling with fatigue, regular bouts of digestive pain, low level depression (and more) without even knowing because it was just normal for me. I began to realize that something was wrong in my late 20s and started on my healing path. I was 43 before I found the answer.

Many doctors and alternative healers later, the answer came from my chiropractor! I would’ve never had the energy and effort that it’s taken to shape and grow Mary’s Gone Crackers before going gluten free.  I’m younger and healthier and happier the older I get! I have certainly found my fountain of youth.

When I see the “fad” or gluten free trend these days, (something I could never have imagined 19 years ago) I feel gratitude on some level for the incredible increase in awareness that has happened in our country. I watch and read the media’s response and see how once in a while they get it right, but not most of the time unfortunately. An important lesson when reading other stories in the media — if they’re getting so much wrong about gluten free, what are they missing about Genetically Engineered Organisms (GMOs) or environmental degradation or Afghanistan?

I’m saddened for the people who are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon without understanding or purpose; People assume they’ll lose weight, feel better, and be cooler and trendy. The reality is they’re probably unknowingly eating gluten in a sauce or another product and not changing their dietary habits at all.  Others simply replace gluten-filled
foods with other unhealthy items or gluten free junk food — may be an improvement if gluten is an issue, but not really on a healthful path.

However, I also know that there are lots of people on a journey like I was — people who’ve been sick for a while, whose doctors have not been able to help, and who read, listen and think that maybe gluten might just be their problem. They research more and take the plunge. I meet lots of those people and they’ve been transformed. “This inflamed, itchy, flaky scalp I’ve had for 20 years — GONE! Body aches and brain fog — GONE!” Chronic diarrhea, migraine headaches, psoriasis, liver problems, anemia, thyroid disease, osteoporosis…. the list is endless really. How wonderful is it that more people will be able to discover the source of their pain and eliminate it from their lifestyle?  It’s wonderful that increased awareness about what we eat is often the source for most (if not all) of our health issues!

I know that for many, their journey will end there, but my real hope is that this increased awareness will take us on a deeper exploration to discover the real problems and real dangers in our food — factory farming, GMOs, highly refined and processed ingredients, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers — all the POISONS in our food and water! I’m imagining that this trend to say “goodbye to gluten” is just the first step in a deeper awakening and remembering how we are supposed to be eating. How our grandparents and great-grandparents ate not that long ago. Everything was organic.  Most was local.  Food was safe and nutritious and nourishing — not part of our entertainment, not something to stuff in our mouths while we are busy doing something else. Food was something we enjoyed with others, something we prepared ourselves; we took time to attend to it because it’s important, life affirming and it’s about love.

So look out all you gluten free-ers! You’re on your way to being the leaders of the new Conscious Eating® movement in America!

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2 Responses to Finding My Fountain of Youth: My Take on “Going Gluten Free”

  1. Darlene Rose says:

    Like you I was tired ,bloated,achy,and also cranky because I did not feel good.I started eating gluten/dairy free as a test to see what would happen.The bouts of diarea got better and that bloated feeling like my stomach was going to explode calmed down.My joints feel better and I have as a bonus lost 50 pounds over 5 years.I am also now more careful with reading everything I buy.I am also corn intolerant(it swells my joints horribly) so I have to make sure nothing is made with corn starch,sypup,or hidden as maize(sp).I have taken to making a lot of my own GF foods from scratch but LOVE thats there are items like Sticks and twigs that I can enjoy out of hand.Thanks for your great products!!!

  2. I love hearing your story Mary! And yes, I hope this awareness leads to a healthy food revolution as people open their eyes. Thanks for all you do!

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