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As spring starts to make itself apparent all over the country (whether that’s a “warm” 40 degrees in Burlington, VT or a warm 72 degrees here in Northern California) our planet is bursting into song —bunches of flowers exploding everywhere, green and red leaves emerging from seemingly dead branches, sweet fragrances floating on the breezes. When we take a moment to look around, stepping away from our daily routine to appreciate the bounty that is bursting forth all around us, it’s hard not to notice the abundance that is our earth.

Conscious Eating® helps us to remember that we are creatures of and on this earth, as dependent on the delicate balance of life as all other beings. Like all animals, we eat what grows on the earth to stay alive. It may be hard nowadays to recognize that the food we are eating was once a living plant or animal from the earth. Read the labels of what you are eating and drinking and see if you can identify their sources. If the list of chemicals is longer than the actual food ingredients, or if you have to work hard to even figure out what the origin of the “food” is, you might want to make different choices. Look for food that is as close to the sources as possible — whole, ancient grains, fresh plants, unprocessed meats.  Take a break from meat and dairy for one meal, or one day. Play with new ingredients — we’d love to offer suggestions as to what to do with those unfamiliar vegetables! Post your questions on my blog or our Facebook Page!

This Earth Day, remember that your real home isn’t a house, city, state, or country, but a PLANET!  Little steps towards reclaiming your true nature as a human being will make a big difference in the quality of your life!



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One Response to Earth-Friendly Conscious Eating®

  1. Luz Delia Gerber says:

    Hello Mary-
    I have been asked a very interesting question from one of my attendees at an event I Hosted where I serve and bragged about your Amazing Crackers!!
    Are all the grains and seeds soaked and sprouted? As I urge my Participants striving for Well-Being to engage.
    Of course, I said, “Of Course!” this is a nutritious cracker!
    Then I was prompted to read the box and that statement is missing. So are they soaked and sprouted before they are dehydrated? Are they dehydrated or baked? Let’s talk as I would like to recommend and or write a Blog connecting you!
    To Universal Well-Being!
    Luz Delia
    Well-Being Practitioner

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