Why Vegan?

Vegan means there are no meat, dairy (including butter), eggs or any animal-derived ingredients in Mary's Gone Crackers' products.

Mary's Gone Crackers' decision to be a vegan company was actually a very practical choice: the crackers and pretzels were already vegan—all whole grains and seeds. When we decided to offer cookies, we initially created recipes with eggs and butter. As an organic company, that meant finding certified organic sources for those ingredients. But—as a humane company—we began to focus on how even the certified organic chickens and organic dairy cows were not always treated as well as they should be. In this case, organic isn't enough. Plus, many of Mary's Gone Crackers' customers were allergic to dairy and eggs. It was a quick leap to make the commitment to being a vegan company.

Finding the Path that Works for You

Mary's Gone Crackers doesn't align itself with any specific dietary choice. Mary's Gone Crackers knows that finding what works for you is often a challenge and always a process. The tagline "Conscious Eating" refers to our hope that all of us become aware of what we are eating—where the food comes from, how it impacts the planet, our bodies, food growers, the animals and their handlers—and make food choices that feel good. And taste good!

No sacrifice. No compromise. Real nourishment. Delicious food. That's Mary's Gone Crackers.