Organic Farming is Conscious Farming. Mary’s Gone Crackers supports Conscious Farming. That means that our products contain:

  • No pesticides
  • No synthetic fertilizers; and
  • No genetically modified organisms (living organisms whose genetic structure has been altered often by inserting a gene from another species).

Our farmers work with nature, using organic practices that have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Organic is Vital to Our Survival

Our planet is a closed ecosystem—a small island floating in space. Humans are part of that closed system—an integral part of the natural order. The principles of organic farming take into account all of nature, working in cooperation with the environment to develop healthy and bountiful crops, while reducing the effects of pests and other natural obstacles. At Mary’s Gone Crackers we know that to keep surviving on our planet for thousands of years to come, human beings must come back into balance with nature, helping to preserve and support the natural ecosystem from which every breath we take depends. We must behave as a part of the whole, rather than trying to dominate and control, acting like we are outside of nature.

Organic farming preserves a vital ecosystem—namely our soil. Our soil is like the organs of the Earth. Organic matter is broken down by insects, bacteria and microbes and recycled back into the system to be used by future living organisms. The bacteria and fungi in the soil act like human intestinal flora, which keep our immune system strong and allow us to absorb nutrients from food. When soil is healthy, beneficial bacteria allow plants to flourish while suppressing soil-borne pathogens and diseases that would otherwise kill the plants.

In the conventional agricultural model, the products used to increase plant growth and suppress unwanted weeds and pests seriously disrupt the subterranean ecosystem either by killing off all soil organisms (much like how antibiotics kill all bacteria in our system—even the healthy ones) or by adding a superfluous and unnatural amount of fertilizer, allowing opportunistic weeds and malicious bacteria to thrive. This makes it harder for the soil to do its job as part of nature’s immune system and makes it harder to control unwanted pests in future plantings. The synthetic chemicals are often toxic to humans and animals (and our bees!) and are very difficult to remove from the environment. We’re learning more and more about the impact that these chemicals are having on our bodies, our soil, air and water, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Farmers Have a Choice

Now farmers have a choice—to grow food in the relatively new, industrialized and toxic way—or re-learn the ancient practices, more deeply understood with science and technology—to grow organic food in a sustainable and cooperative (with nature) way.


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Mary's Gone Crackers chooses organic. Organic is Conscious Eating. Better for you. Better for the farmers. Better for the animals (and the bees!). Better for the planet.