A Story told by Mary Waldner about Another Mary

Luckily I was in the office at the right time, when the call from Mary in North Dakota came in. She had a story to tell me. Did I have time to listen? I like hearing stories (I think most of us do), so I said yes.

Two years ago, Mary’s father was on his death-bed in the hospital and Mary found herself being the responsible, go-to sibling (of 11!), which kept her very busy, very stressed, and going ‘a little cuckoo.’ She left the hospital to hurry to get to the post office to mail a check to her son for his upcoming wedding. There was a line at the service counter, which happened to be in the grocery store of the small town. She was on her cell phone while she waited.

The call got involved so she went to find the quietest spot in the grocery store, which happened to be the organic section. Here we took a little diversion because Mary said she really didn’t understand what organic was and why it was better for you. I love having the opportunity to explain the benefits of organic farming—for our bodies, our earth, air, water and all the creatures. Mary listened.

So there she was in the organic section of the store continuing to ‘go cuckoo’ and feeling more and more stressed as the minutes ticked by. Meanwhile, the line at the cash register was growing making her fear that she wouldn’t be able to get back to the hospital quickly.
She looked up and there on the shelf was a box of ‘Mary’s Gone Crackers.’ It made her laugh out loud to see that name and even though she’s ‘not a religious person’ she felt the message was clear—time to let go, Mary, before you ‘go crackers.’ She bought a box and took it back to the hospital with her where everyone in her family had a good laugh.

She didn’t open that first box of crackers; she just set it on her counter at the beauty shop that she runs. Later she went back and bought more and has been eating them ever since. She tells all her clients and friends about them too!
Now that she is about to become a grandmother, Mary wants to learn more about eating better and she’s glad she’s off to a good start with Mary’s Gone Crackers!